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Smartphone-based Self-management System for Dialysis Patients

Intake of water, potassium, and phosphate affect change of body weight, serum potassium and phosphate level, all of them values associated with the survival of dialysis patients. We developed SMART-D to support patients’ self-management in order to improve long-term survival of those patients. Patients can check their lab data—serum potassium and phosphate level—and change of body weight by using the system; if the values meet the level suggested by the guidelines, patients will be more motivated to adhere to healthy behavior; alternatively, if the values do not meet the suggested level, patients should try to modify their behavior in order to achieve the treatment goals. A two-week pilot study of 20 dialysis patients was conducted, showing that quality of life tended to improve for the patients who used SMART-D, compared with that for the control patients. We plan to do a longer study with a larger number of patients.